【Experiment】a series of events for kimono washing



Hi☆I’m MAYUNABE. let’s take look at a series of events for kimono washing , today!

How to wash your silk kimono yourself at home

※Below, each link will be attached when the article is completed ① 

①【Experiment】a series of events for kimono washing(This article ☆)

②【Experiment】&【Book introduction】②Untie the kimono

③【Experiment】How to connect kimonos and sew them to make them easier to wash(”kasanenui”・”kagarinui”)

④ 【ExperimentHow to make orange laundry

⑤ 【ExperimentWash the kimono



In addition to this material, it is a combination of laundry books, memos, and instruction manuals from the Taisho era to the early Showa period!

【①A series of flows】

To briefly explain….

1、Untie the kimono


How to connect kimonos and sew them to make them easier to wash(”kasanenui”・”kagarinui”)

3、Sew about 45 cm or more on each end of the white cloth.

4、How to make orange laundry

5、Make sure it doesn’t fade




8、Put the cloth together(”Sudareori”)



10、Remove water from both sides with a dry towel

11、Put back the shrunk cloth(”Choko-ki”)

12、Sewn and completed!!

・・・・Hmm? ?? I don’t have a 『Choko-ki』 !!

This is a rare old tool that is not currently made…

『Choko-ki』, which I use regularly, is probably from the early to mid Showa period.

It is a product that was handled by Japanese department stores or magazines.

It was a masterpiece recommended by Professor Kotaka Otsuma (founder of Otsuma Gakuin).

  It was so popular in Japan that it is still available at auctions in Japan♪ It is traded in Japanese yen for about 4000 yen!!

Actually, this huge thing of “Chokouki” is used in modern cleaning☆   ***********************************

It is very difficult to wash your kimono yourself at home. By looking at this trend, you may understand that the reason why professional washers are so expensive is that it takes so much time and effort!! From the next time, I will write a detailed article about how to wash my kimono ♪  


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