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So you can practice as many times as you like!
October 22, 2020
Mayunabe [/box03]

Otaiko-musubi” was invented about 170 years ago by Fukagawa Geisha who were the fashion leaders in Edo period.
It is one of the most common Obi Style among Japanese women in the present.
However, the original Otaiko-musubi was  tied in a different way from the present one.
In this course, you can learn the original Otaiko-musubi which was tied in Edo period.
It is simple but a very unique method. You will see the difference between the present style and the olden time style.
Enjoy the orginal Otaiko-musubi and experience nostalgic kimono styling!

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Members Introduction

This time, we welcomed Sala, a kimono stylist who is especially popular in Melbourne.
Realized by simultaneous English translation of “Original Taiko Knotting Course”!

Old book collector★Mayunabe
Kimono lovers who are paying attention to the memos written by Japanese housewives in practical books in the early Showa period. A researcher who unravels the mysteries of history that no one knows.
If you want to know the activity,please visit☟
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Special guest★Kimonostylist SalaOkabe
Melbourne, Australia based kimono stylist and owner of Vintage Kimono Shop in Australia “Vintage Japanese Textiles”.
If you want to know the activity,please visit☟

*Sala’s instagram

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★Special assistant★Vintage Flea di Kay


Kay-Vintage&Antique Japanese Kimono Addiction born in shibuya live in milan. I♥️the ‘era’of handcraft.
If you want to have one,please visit☟

*Kay’s instagram
*Kay’s Shop
(Ship only for europe)


Due to the limited number of participants, those who can speak Japanese cannot participate this time. please note that
※We will consider other language versions and projects in the future ♪ Please look forward to it ☆
Demonstration Mayunabe
Interpreter Sala
assistant Kay


obi knot in the Edo period learning online&English

The first obi knot taught in the kimono fitting class is the “taiko knot”.The origin is well known on the internet, but it is very difficult to find material related to the original taiko knot.
The band style of the image was discovered by examining the original forms of old books and books.
This is a course to learn a rare obi knot that no one knows!






Course name Back to pioneers style
~Edo style obi knot ① Original Otaiko knot~
Language English
Date and time November 8, 2020
8:00 pm Japan time
Time 1 hour
Maximum number of participants 6 people
price Japanese Yen: 4500 Yen
method of payment credit card
Things to prepare ①A device: PC , tablet or Mobile phone (Please make sure its battery is fully
②Zoom app
③Chuya Obi , soft Fukuro Obi or soft Maru Obi
special gift We will send you a tutorial video by email after the course.
So you can practice as many times as you like!

※Recruitment starts from

8:00 pm Japan time on October 26, 2020

Please read the notes below carefully before
you participate in our course.

  • Any solicitations for your business or groups
    are prohibited.
  • Our recoded movies are not sold individually,
    so please participate my class with Zoom
  • The tutor may urge observers who fails to obey
    the instructions or risk of interfere with others
  • Recording, taking photos or posting the
    contents of our course to social media
    platforms without our permission is prohibited
  • We appreciate all your observes etiquette.

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A full refund will be given through the credit company only if you contact us by 19:00 JST two days before the course.

However, it may be difficult to take the course from the next time. Please note that.

* Please be sure to contact the “email sent at the time of application” for cancellation notification.

* Cancellations after the above will not be refunded. Please understand.


participate in the course

Recruitment starts
October 26, 2020 Japan time 8:00 pm
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Message from mayunabe

Hi, I’m Mayunabe.

I do not speak English. But the reason for this challenge is
It was a polite DM that arrived from overseas.

And, thanks to the support of my best friends Sala and Kay, I can challenge!

When I read Facebook, I found that many people overseas are very interested in Japanese historical costumes.

Kimono fitting can often seem very difficult.

But originally, it’s a very, very freedom and wonderful outfit!

I think the correct answer for kimono fitting is to fit and enjoy as you like.
I want to convey it forever.

We love all kimono lovers★☆★


Special thanks